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Google Chromecast

Google has created a a small HDMI dongle that connects to your  TV. Whenever you are watching a video on any of your devices on Chrome you can tap the “cast” button and it will stream to your TV. Chromecast will also be able to steam Google Play Movies, Netflix and Music. It will ship July 27th.

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Google Glasses

Google is now in the first stages of its new project called “Project Glass”. It is very Jetsons-like because your glasses project things from an email to a video hangout with your friends, which is very much like a Skype chat. Glass also has a camera in it so you can take pictures right from your view and you will know exactly what the photo is going to look like. Although glass is not the most attractive pair of glasses on the market, they are certainly cool. They will be available in 2013 according to Google, but for the steep price of $1500. They were available for preorder but Google only allowed people that went to Google’s annual press conference participate.

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Google Wallet

Have you seen those Google Wallet signs at the check-out counter? Well,  all you have to do is just tap to the special credit card machines. You can’t use just any phone (right now at least) Google Wallet is only available on an Android phone powered with NFC,  and you must be on Sprint. The only phone sthat apply are the Sprint Nexus S 4G. Also you need a Citi Master Card for it to work or you can use a Google credit card which charges directly to your normal credit card.

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