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The Sony RX 100

Sony has created an amazing digital camera called the RX100. Yet it is so compact many people would say it is better than some DSLR’s. It has a 1” image sensor, the average compact camera has a 1/2.4 image sensor size.  The New York Times reports “No photos this good have ever come from a camera this small.”  The pictures from low light situations are outstanding due to the amazing auto ISO mode. The RX100 also has amazing HD video at 1800/60p. The RX100 is very expensive for a compact camera it is priced at $649.99.

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Lytro Camera

The Lytro Camera is a very cool camera. It is small but powerful. As you may know when you take a picture you must focus on the thing that you want in focus, but with the Lytro Camera you can change your point of focus whenever you want. It uses a light field engine to capture all pieces of the photo. Then you can take that shot and put it on Facebook or Twitter and your friends can play around with the image chosing what they want to focus on. This camera also includes 8x optical zoom; there is also a touch screen on the other side. The Lytro Camera is $399 for the blue and black which holds 350 pictures or you can get the red Lytro Camera for $499 which will hold 750 pictures. This camera is a hudge leap in the camera inderstry. Please look two pictures down to play with a picture taken with the Lytro camera.

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